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In the News

Spokane Eye Clinic is the region's leading eye care center, delivering the most advanced, specialized services to treat any eye condition. Read the latest about its comprehensive eye care services, newest technologies, and surgical techniques as well as interesting articles you might find of benefit and our community involvement.

SEC Launches Educational Videos

Posted by H&K on October 26, 2010

Spokane Eye Clinic board-certified physicians are always striving to educate and inform patients about the latest developments in eye care.

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SEC expands cosmetic offerings

Posted by H&K on June 22, 2010

The Spokane Eye Clinic has expanded its specialty offerings to include select cosmetic treatments. Dr. Nicholas Ranson, a Board-certified Ophthalmologist with fellowship training in oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery.

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Remember sunglasses this summer

Posted by H&K on May 19, 2010

More than a fashion statement, sunglasses are an important tool to protect eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

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Dr. Smit on Bleb Revision

Posted by H&K on March 29, 2010

Spokane Eye Clinic physician Dr. Barbara Smit recently co-authored an article in Glaucoma Today about bleb revision with two other physicians, Dr. Karen Joos of Vanderbilt Eye Institute in Nashville and Dr. Jonathan Myers of Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia.

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Tips for Healthy Vision

Posted by H&K on March 19, 2010

March is Save Your Vision Month and during this month, Spokane Eye Clinic reminds patients of the simple ways they can protect their eyesight.

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Dr. Smit in Glaucoma Today

Posted by H&K on December 08, 2009

Spokane Eye Clinic physician Dr. Barbara Smit was recently featured in Glaucoma Today, a national magazine for glaucoma specialists and general ophthalmologists.

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Cosmetic Contacts for Halloween

Posted by H&K on October 28, 2009

Decorative contact lenses can be a fun way to change your look for Halloween, but before slipping in these spooky accessories, be sure you know how to use them properly and that the lenses are safe.

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