What to Expect When You Come

Posted on April 10, 2017

Visiting the doctor's office can be a scary thing when you're young! We understand that, and we strive to make every child's visit to our a clinic a positive experience. Here's what you can expect when you come to see us:

  • After check-in, a member of Dr. Colburn or Dr. Weed's team will greet you and bring you and your child into an exam room.
  • The team member will ask a few basic questions about your child's eye issue and how we can help you.
  • Next, the team member will check a few standard parts of the eye exam. This might involve cool glasses, toys, movies, or other games. Children do best when they're having a good time, so we work hard to make it fun!
  • Dilating drops are almost always required at the initial visit, and then typically once a year after that. These drops serve two important purposes: they allow us to accurately determine the child's need for glasses, and the prescription if necessary, and they let the doctor examine the important structures within your child's eye, like the optic nerve and retina.
  • If dilating drops are required, we have a dedicated kids' waiting room for you to visit, complete with toys and movies, while you wait for the drops to take maximum effect (typically 30 minutes).
  • Dr. Colburn or Dr. Weed will complete the eye exam, discuss any questions you may have, and you'll work together to formulate a customized treatment plan best suited to your family.

For your initial visit, please plan on spending 1.5-2 hours with us, to allow for enough time to thoroughly take care of your child. Future appointments, if needed, may be shorter.