Dry Eye Treatments

In-Office Treatments

lipiflow 01Lipiflow™

An in-office eyelid thermal pulsation therapy, is a spa-like, fully automatic experience that completely liquefies the hardened meibum, unblocks the openings, and fully expresses the meibomian glands of the upper and lower eyelids. A single LipiflowTM treatment, in combination with continued, daily at home Bruder compress use, may help reduce symptoms of burning, watering, dryness and fluctuating vision for upwards of 1-2 years.


An in-office eyelid heat treatment combined with manual eyelid expression that comfortably liquefies the hardened meibum within and unblocks the openings of the meibomian glands of the upper and lower eyelids. Initially 1-4 treatments are prescribed over a period of 4 months depending on the severity of meibomian gland dysfunction. EyeXpressTM and manual eyelid expression  in combination with continued, daily at-home Bruder compress use may help to reduce symptoms of burning, watering, dryness and fluctuating vision for upwards of 6 months-1 year.


An in-office procedure that deeply, precisely, and carefully cleans the eyelids and lashes to remove chronic build-up of bacterial debris, dead skin cells and residual make-up. BlephexTM , in combination with continued, daily at-home lid scrubs use, may help to reduce symptoms of itching, foreign body sensation and redness/inflammation while allowing your eyes to feel  and appear refreshed and clean.

Home Treatments & Care

Whether used as preventive care or as treatment for current dry eye symptoms, all eyes can benefit from habitual at-home eye care. These treatments for the eye can be compared to brushing or flossing for the teeth. Our home care suggestions focus on keeping the lashes clean and reducing daily causes of inflammation and gland dysfunction.

Bruder eye mask

The meibomian (oil) glands of the eyelids can become dysfunctional for multiple reasons. In some individuals, the meibum within them gets cold and clogged. It becomes a cold butter consistency when it should be an olive oil texture. When this occurs, in order to melt the oil back down, at least 10 minutes of constant heat is required. A moist heat source is preferred as it is gentler on the skin surrounding the eyes. Bruder eye mask provides both constant and moist heat, is microwave heated, and is hand washable/reusable.

For others, the dysfunction is not due to things being too cold, but instead being too hot/swollen. The oils themselves are melted down to their expected olive oil texture, but the eyelid tissues surrounding the glands is swollen to an extent that the oil has become trapped. Chronic heat use can exacerbate different causes of eyelid tissue swelling such as ocular rosacea and allergies. When this occurs, at least 10 minutes of constant cold daily is beneficial to chronically reduce swelling/pressure from the glands. Bruder eye mask provides constant cold and can be placed in the freezer.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the formation of clear, healthy meibum. However, not all sources of Omega 3 are the same. 2,000 mg of the triglyceride form of omega 3s are needed from our diet in order for our body to support good meibum production. 

Lid scrubs

Mechanical removal of the built-up bi-products of the natural bacteria and mites that live within our eyelashes should be performed at least once per day. With many lid scrub methods available, your doctor will recommend which is safest and best for you.

Artificial Tears (preservative/non-preservative)

Artificial tears can be used in order to replenish the tear film when experiencing acute dry eye symptoms. When used more than 5x/day or when used in combination with other eye drops, non-preservative options are preferred.

Blinking Exercises

Blinking is how we push oils from the meibomian glands onto our eyes. With an increase in screen time in society, studies have shown we do not blink as often.  Taking the time to close your eyes completely and intentionally for 2 full seconds, and repeating that process ten times, will help push those oils out.  We recommend taking a 20-second "blink break" every 20 minutes.