Preparing for your visit

What to expect during your initial evaluation visit

In addition to a comprehensive, dry eye-focused, anterior ocular health examination,  our dry eye team will perform special tests. These non-invasive measures evaluate the quality and volume of your tear film. They also assess the functionality of your meibomian glands and the severity of inflammation on the surface of the eye. All of this information helps Dr. Gilles format a highly individualized treatment plan that will target the unique causes of your tear film imbalance/dry eye disease.

How to prepare for your evaluation visit

In order to improve the reliability of our testing and findings, do not wear contact lenses or use artificial tears for 2 hours before your appointment.

How to prepare for your treatment

In order to get the best results from our treatments, we ask our patients to perform their personally recommended at home lid scrub before the appointment. This removes larger dirt particles, bacterial debris and the majority of make-up. We ask that you do not put any products on your eyes or the surrounding skin. We encourage you to bring artificial tears if normally used.