The Dry Eye Team

Dr. Rachel Gilles, our new dry eye specialist, and her team of eye care professionals work with you to create a personalized home treatment plan to help you manage your symptoms. In cases when home treatments may not be enough, patients often see life-changing results from our in-office treatments. To learn more about Dr. Gilles and her team, read the bios below. 

Dry Eye Team


zzzRachel A. Gilles, OD

Dr. Gilles joined the staff of Spokane Eye Clinic in 2019. She is a Nebraska native where she earned her Bachelors of Science in Comprehensive Biology from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. She obtained her Doctorate of Optometry and Masters in Vision Science Research while attending Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. During this time, she designed and executed her first research study to evaluate the effects of hydration on dry eye findings and symptoms.

Dr. Gilles completed a Residency in Ocular Disease at the Veterans Administration Healthcare Center in Roseburg, Oregon. Her training was extensive in the management of external and internal ocular disease. She worked as part of a multi-disciplinary health care team to provide quality ocular and systemic care. She loves spending time with her cat, partner, and friends. She enjoys gaming on her Nintendo Switch, caring for her indoor plants and traveling to see her family.


ZhannaZhanna L.

Zhanna has been working at Spokane Eye Clinic for over three years. Throughout her career, she has found caring for patients with dry eye to be her passion. Zhanna enjoys taking the time to figure out what issues patients are having, what is causing them, and what steps her team can take to bring relief to her patients. She loves taking time to listen to patients and follow their stories from their first appointment all the way to the point where the patient is experiencing complete relief from dry eye symptoms. Zhanna enjoys living in the Pacific Northwest and all the adventures it has to offer.


KeltonKelton B.

Kelton tried her first pair of contact lenses when she was 17.  It was the most horrible experience she had ever put her eyes through! She assumed she was just someone who couldn't wear contact lenses.  After working with a dry eye specialist, she was able to get her eyes to a comfortable point and wear contacts every day from morning to night with no issues! She fell in love with working as a part of the dry eye team after hearing other stories of dry eye relief. She enjoys hikes with her German Shepard, reading books, horseback riding, and singing karaoke.


NathanNathan B.

Nathan is a Pacific Northwest native who has spent the last 14 years snowboarding throughout the area. He is well aware of all the dry eye issues that can come with the winter months, especially in those who are an active winter-sport enthusiast. Working in the dry eye clinic showed him first hand how powerful the at-home treatments and in-office treatments can be, helping him finally get relief after trying so many other solutions. Nathan now enjoys watching other patients on their journey to conquer dry eye disorders!