For Referring Providers

Referring Your Current Patients

Each specialty here at Spokane Eye Clinic has their very own area on this site. To learn more about the Doctors and the surgeries they perform, please browse the site accordingly. Below is a list of downloadable documents as well as phone and fax numbers to help you with the referral process.

Marketing Material Request Form

General Patient Referral Form

Referral Phone Number: (509) 456-0107

Referral FAX Number: (509) 747-2635

Emergency Eye Care

Our triage optometrists are here to assist you with appointments for urgent eye care needs such as vision loss, eye pain, eye redness, or eye drainage. We have triage appointments available at all three of our locations, but we may need you to travel to a different office to meet your patients urgent needs. The triage desk currently takes calls from 8 am–5 pm. All calls are handled in the order they are received and the triage department tends to be busier on Mondays–Fridays and days before or after a holiday.

Dial (509) 456-0107 and select option 2 

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging was developed as a standards-based means for healthcare providers to communicate electronically while ensuring the security of protected health information. Direct messaging is secure, HIPAA compliant direct email that sends/receives information between two electronic health records. This will also allow for pertinent information to be brought into the records regardless of the software manufacturer.

Most EHRs have direct, secure email built into their system. If you have access to Direct Messaging through your EHR, we are happy to share patient data via Direct Messaging.

Our practice address is: 

Download a list of all our physicians’ addresses in an excel spreadsheet here.

While these addresses may look and function like email addresses, it is important to know that a traditional email account (e.g., Gmail, yahoo mail, or your company email) are not Direct addresses. Messages sent to or from traditional email accounts do not meet Direct security guidelines and will fail to send via Direct.

If you would like to take advantage of this technology, please email us your Direct Message address.

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