I just completed a month-long treatment for a detached retina and have only good to say. Wait times were shorter than any other doctor's office I've been to.

—Ken S.

The staff here deserve more then 5 stars! They ALL have treated my entire family with so much empathy, respect & kindness & just common courtesy!

—Jeana C.

Everyone who cared for me were professional, attentive, understanding.  The whole experience was comforting and assuring.  Thank you for excellent care!! (Dr. Allar)

—Cindy L.

All the nurses were great. Cataract removal went perfectly. No nausea or dizziness. I can't believe the technicolor world. (Dr. Day)

—Wilma C.

Every effort to make your experience go well. Great, fun, caring, nurse, great doctor, great staff. (Dr. Whitted)

—Carolyn R.

The whole event was great. I was quite nervous but since Dr. Skoog has taken care of my eye since the injury, I had a lot of trust in him and the staff.

—Dona W.

Dr. Kamae and Darcie provided exceptional care. Job well done!!  Very satisfied. All staff were very professional and efficient.

—Charles C.

Everyone was very pleasant and went out of their way to make me feel safe and relaxed. Thank you! (Dr. Ranson)

—Diana M.

Eye surgeries October 18th and November 8th — Very courteous staff; excellent care with great doctor. Thank you! (Dr. Bodhireddy)

—M. D.

Great staff — all very professional, but also comforting, pleasant. Top notch group! (Dr. Kinard) Mary M.

—Mary M.

Everyone has been more than awesome! They have been beyond helpful and friendly. So glad to have been introduced to the Spokane Eye Clinic.  (Dr. Skoog)


Staff were all very pleasant and explained everything they were doing. Looks like a very well organized and efficient team. (Dr. Ranson)

—Mary B.

From the time I stepped into the clinic, until the time I left, I experienced the utmost professional care. You're my guardian angel. (Dr. Allar)

—Daniel E.

I brought my great-grandmother for care in 1961/mother in 1980-90's/sister 2000's! Thank you for continued quality. Thank you especially for all your well organized, clear instruction.  Everyone at the Valley Clinic was so welcoming, warm while being timely, professional and thorough in care and instruction. The surgery center was a wonderful surprise — very timely, very kind, efficient. Great care. (Dr. Kamae)

—Melody T.

Procedure was painless and all personnel involved were professional, courteous and reassuring. (Dr. Jack)

—Ken C.

This was the easiest procedure I have ever had. Everybody was so friendly. It was great to see a team work together so well. Everyone smiled! (Dr. Jacobson)

—Bobbi S.

You all were friendly and informative — Good job! (Dr. Cheek)

—Pam D.

Everyone was so nice, so professional. I felt I was in very good hands the entire time! (Dr. Kinard)

—Nancy M.