Eyeglasses for Adults & Children

Prescription Glasses & Brand-Name Frames

Spokane Optical offers a full range of frame styles for corrective eyewear for women, men, and children. Trained optical professionals help you select the best frame and lenses for your vision. Finding a pair of glasses for kids is easy with our wide selection of specialty frames created for durability when children participate in play and sports.

Reading Glasses

Your eyes are worth more than a cheap, $10 pair of reading glasses found at drugstores or warehouse stores. Non-prescription glasses may work for a quick read of a menu in a restaurant, but a cheap pair of glasses can make it difficult to want to read for longer periods. Most people don't realize they've lost their desire to read until they look back on how long it's been since they last read a book.

Prescription reading glasses are made to your exact eye measurements, which can eliminate the headaches common with non-prescription readers. So, if it's time to switch from generic readers (or "cheaters" as some of our patients call them) to a better-fitting pair of prescription reading glasses, we can help you decide between bifocal lenses, progressive lenses/no-line bifocals.


Spokane Optical also carries a wide selection of prescription sunglasses, polarizing lenses, and transitional lenses that darken in the sun for both adults and children.

Let one of our trained opticians help you find the best fit for your needs.


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