Eye Misalignment / Strabismus in Adults

Eye misalignment, also called “strabismus” in medical terminology, is a relatively common condition in both children and adults. It occurs when the eyes don’t work together well, which causes them to not stay straight. An eye can cross in (esotropia), drift out (exotropia), or wander up higher than the other (hypertropia). This can be constant or intermittent, and it can be something that you’re born with or that develops over time. Particularly if it begins in adulthood, strabismus can cause double vision.

Sometimes strabismus is due to a medical condition like thyroid problems, myasthenia gravis, or diabetes. Other times it happens due to eye or head trauma or because an eye doesn’t see well. Often, no cause can be identified. Rarely, it is due to neurologic problems, like a tumor or aneurysm. If your strabismus and double vision start suddenly, you should be seen by a medical professional immediately, particularly if you have other symptoms like a severe headache, unequal pupil sizes, or a newly droopy eyelid.

So what’s the great news about strabismus? Treatment is available and has a great success rate!


For some adults with double vision due to eye misalignment, all that’s needed is a pair of prism eyeglasses. They look just like regular glasses; only the lenses are made in such a way that they bring the double images together. 

For other patients, corrective surgery can be done. This surgery, done under general anesthesia in typically just 45 minutes or less, realigns the eyes and helps reduce or eliminate double vision. Our patients are often able to have the surgery done in our state-of-the-art surgery center and get to go home the same day. It is a medical procedure, not cosmetic, and as such, is nearly always supported by medical insurance.

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