Spokane Eye Clinic surgeons are board certified and trained in the newest technology and in the latest techniques to treat eye diseases. Surgical specialties include procedures for oculoplastic (ophthalmic plastic surgery) and reconstructive needs, cataract, iLASIK, retina, glaucoma, and strabismus.

Fellowship Trained Surgeons

Steven E. Day, M.D.

Randall K. Jacobson, M.D.

Jason H. Jones, M.D..

Erik D. Skoog, M.D.

Nicholas T. Ranson, M.D..

Robert S. Wirthlin, M.D.

Nicole K. Brandt, M.D.

Eric S. Guglielmo, M.D.

Jeffrey D. Colburn, M.D

Andrew G. Cheek, M.D.

Kandon K. Kamae, M.D.

Krista I. Kinard, M.D.

Rory T. Allar, M.D.

Loren S. Jack, M.D.

Hari Bodhireddy, M.D.

Matthew C. Weed, M.D.

Ryan J. Whitted, M.D.