Spokane Optical

Spokane Optical

A full-service optical center is available in each of Spokane Eye Clinic's three locations. At Spokane Optical, patients can purchase and repair eye glasses as well as get fitted for and order contact lenses. Even if you are not a current patient of ours, we'd be happy to fit you for either glasses or contact lenses. Simply bring your prescription with you or have your doctor fax it to us.

Spokane Optical offers a full range of styles and specialty eye wear to choose from. Specially trained optical professionals help patients select the best solution for their vision needs.

Need disposable contact lenses? We carry a wide assortment of brands and length of wear including daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly and offer specialty, therapeutic and custom lens fitting.

Spokane Optical also carries a wide selection of prescription sunglasses and polarizing lenses as well as transitional lenses for both adults and children. Let one of our trained opticians help you find the best fit for your needs.

Optical Manager Jim Horn explains the importance of protective and corrective lenses.