Is purchasing glasses on-line a smart move?

You might be able to get a lower price for your eyeglasses by ordering online, but is the end result worth the savings?

 It is true that some online sites show lower prices on the product, allow you to shop at any time, and have a larger stock than what an optical store might have. However, you aren't able to try on the eyeglasses so you don't know if they fit well, are too heavy, pinch your nose or ears, or compliment your facial structure. In addition, the lenses in your frame need to be positioned correctly based upon a measurement of the distance between your pupils which is near impossible to do without the appropriate equipment. Return policies can make it hard to exchange or correct a mistake online too. Ordering bifocals and progressive lenses create another set of challenges if ordering online since they have additional measurements to ensure the end product is accurate.

 Instead of dealing with an online unknown, come in to one of our three (3) convenient optical shop locations in Spokane and let the opticians at Spokane Eye Clinic take care of you. Try on as many pair of eyeglasses as you like, make sure the style compliments and fits you, and get measured for accurate lenses. We can even order a specific frame or color of frame for you if necessary. We pride ourselves on making our customers happy with their purchase.