Newest Technology

Our doctors use the latest technology to scan your eyes and give you a custom measurment to ensure your LASIK / PRK surgery is customized to your eyes and your eyes only. This state of the art technology is called iDESIGN®. Think of iDesign as the blueprint of your eye, with more detail than ever before.


We are one of the very few clinics offering this technology in the state of Washington. 

Capture In High Definition

The iDESIGN® System utilizes a high-definition sensor, capturing images of outstanding quality.

  • 5x the resolution and 3x the dynamic range of the previous WaveScan WaveFront® System
  • 25x more precise than traditional glasses or contacts measurements
  • Measures up to 1,257 micro-refractions over a 7.0 mm pupil
  • Captures more ocular aberrations unique to every patient’s eye*


Better access to you

The iDESIGN® System is primed to help our doctors treat a wider spectrum of patients compared to the other Systems in the state of Washington.

Treats high levels of astigmatism, up to 5.0 diopters
Captures a wide range of pupil sizes, from 4.0 to 9.5 mm
Allows measurement and treatment planning for patients as young as 18 years old