Are You Going To Take The Eye Out?

Posted on August 27, 2017

Are You Going To Take The Eye Out?
By: Jeffrey Colburn, MD

A very common concern and question for parents and patients when we are discussing possible eye surgery, is whether or not we are going to take the eye out while we are working on it during surgery. Understandably many people are quite concerned about this possibility! Let’s dispel this fear right now…we never take an eye out during eye surgery unless it is to permanently remove it due to either a cancer situation or a blind painful eye. If we were to take the eye out it would be permanently dead since we can’t reconnect the approximately 1.7 million little nerve fibers that travel through the optic nerve to the brain. So whether you are having eye muscle, cataract, glaucoma, or retina surgery we leave the eye right where it is and use an eye lid holder to open the eyelids wide to access the eye.

I hope that settles at least a few fears out there!

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