Treatment for Amblyopia/Lazy Eye

To correct amblyopia, the weak eye must be forced into use. This is usually accomplished by patching or otherwise covering the strong eye for weeks or even months. Even after vision has been restored in the weak eye, periodic patching may be necessary to maintain the improvement. In some cases, glasses may be prescribed to correct refractive errors. Occasionally, amblyopia can be treated by blurring the vision in the good eye with special eye drops or lenses, forcing the weaker eye into use.

Amblyopia caused by strabismus is usually treated before the eyes are straightened by surgery or other therapy. Patching is often continued after the eyes are straightened. If amblyopia is caused by a cataract or other abnormality that causes a cloudiness of normally clear tissues, surgery or other therapy is required to correct the problem before the amblyopia may be dealt with. Amblyopia cannot be cured by treating the cause alone, however. The weak eye must be made stronger in order to see normally.